STEM Community Outreach Symposium at Rutgers

UPDATE: Abstract submission extended until November 9, 2018

Update 11/6/2018: We are no longer accepting registration for high school students.
Update 11/7/2018: Due to unforeseen circumstances Dave Maiullo's "That Physics Show" will be replaced with a mentorship session.

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  • Event date: November 16, 2018
  • Event location: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Chemistry and Chemical Biology Building
    Address: 610 Taylor Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854
  • STEMcos(R)

    The goal of STEMcosR is to foster passion for the sciences in the community. The main barriers to pursuing careers in STEM originate from lack of awareness of available opportunities and misplaced self-doubt that one can be “A Scientist”. STEMcosR will replace apprehension with comprehension and connect local high school and community college students with scientists working in academia and industry. At STEMcosR, scientists will share their passion and curiosity, presenting their research in colloquial English. STEMcosR features a large multi-disciplinary poster session with research presentations from Rutgers students, an address from our keynote speaker Paul Falkowski, a Q&A panel comprising academics and industry representatives discussing their career paths, and an included lunch, all free of cost for attendees. This year is the second installment of the event and will be even better than last year's!

    Student Presentations

    Rutgers researchers at the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as neighboring Community College students, are invited to present their cutting-edge research. Poster presentations are structured to be in simple, non-technical language for audiences with no scientific background. The goal of these presentations is to promote scientific awareness, communication and understanding. Prizes are awarded to those students who most effectively communicate their projects to researchers and educators from both scientific and non-scientific backgrounds.

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    Keynote Speaker

    The Keynote Speaker for this year's STEMcos(R) is Dr. Paul G. Falkowski from the Departments of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers. He is a Distinguished Professor, the Bennett L. Smith Chair in Business and Natural Resources, is a Board of Governors Professor and the Founding Director of the Rutgers Energy Institute. Dr. Falkowski is a member of the National Academy of Sciences for his contributions to early Earth Science and is the Principal Investigator of the new Astrobiology NASA funded ENIGMA team. He was recently awarded the 2018 Tyler Prize for environmental achievement, the equivalent to the Nobel Prize for environmental science.

    Special Guest: Dave Maiullo "That Physics Show" Performance
    Replaced with mentorship session

    Dave Maiullo is an energetic Physics Lecturer and physics demonstrator at Rutgers who conducts experiments in the award winning "That Physics Show" at an off-broadway show in NYC. "That Physics Show" is in it's third year and received the 2016 Drama Desk Award. Dave Maiullo will be conducting a special performance of the show during the event lunch.

    Updated: Due to unforseen circumstances we will have to replace "That Physics Show" and will instead host a mentorship session. During the lunch we will provide opportunities for informal personal discussion with researchers.

    Ask Me Anything Panel

    During the “Ask Me Anything Panel” attendees are given the opportunity to ask industry and academia representatives about their scientific career paths.

    STEMcos(R) 2017

    Picture: The Daily Targum

    Picture: The Daily Targum

    Picture: The Daily Targum

    Picture: The Daily Targum

    Picture: The Daily Targum

    Picture: The Daily Targum


    If you are interested in participating at STEMcos(R) please RSVP HERE!

    Abstract submission (Extended Deadline: November 9, 2018 Deadline: October 26, 2018 ):

    The Call for Abstracts contains the information for abstracts. If you are interested in presenting at STEMcos(R) please submit an abstract using THIS FORM! If you are presenting you must fill out both an abstract submission and RSVP form. If you would like to know what to include in the abstract, here is an EXAMPLE ABSTRACT . Posters will still be subsidized if abstracts are submitted by the extended deadline.

    Poster preparation:

    Posters should follow the guidelines found HERE!

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    We are are grateful to everyone who has made STEMcos(R) possible! STEMcos(R) would not take place without the support and contributions from the local and Rutgers community. Below are the current sponsors of the event.

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